More Iterations

Quick update this week as I spent a lot of time working on a Mother’s Day portrait for my mom, which I won’t post here for her privacy reasons…

Anyways, here are some more sketches/iterations of my personal project character, the military commander in charge of the special forces that my main character is (was) a part of:

He is a commander, but rather than the stereotypical older, hard nosed, no humor sci-fi military man, I want him to come across as a younger amiable, jokey, cocky character, but one who is VERY serious about his mission and his duty and will transform into someone a lot less friendly if that mission is jeopardized.  His strong sense of duty and his views have been shaped by a traumatic history…

Studying and Sketching

This week I spent my time working on many warm up sp\ketches like the ones below, practicing things like ellipses and simple shapes to improve fundamentals.


I also did some sketches (many of Tom Hardy as you can see) to prepare me to design another character from my personal project: a military commander…


Below are some of the sketches I did trying to design him….He’s kind of a blend of Tyler Durden from Fight Club and Alonzo from Training Da…He’s a wild card, fun-loving guy, until you cross him or his principles and mission.  I still have some thinking to do for this guy, but I’m interested to see how he’ll turn out!

Anas Commander

The End of A Journey and the Start (and End) of a Study

I am about to submit my completed “The Journey” contest entry….I think I’ve done all the tweaking I care to do at this point.  I hope I win!

I think it's done...

Imagine the start of an epic journey…

Also I needed to work on painting with shapes and values, not using line work as a base as well as some practice with rendering light and shadow on clothing, so….I figured that this would be a pretty good picture to do a painting study from:


My Study

My Study




A New Journey

Here’s the 2nd update for this week:  I made big changes to my entry for the 2D Character Challenge, in both my overall story and the composition.  My previous composition ended up looking more like an environment illustration than a character-focused concept, so I ended up scrapping it altogether and keeping a few elements: the chimp is still going on a journey to space, the boy still has a stuffed chimp, only this time the little boy is going to space with his pet.  I pictured a dramatic scene with the astronauts walking slo-mo style towards the camera and looking off into the distance.  I have included a few iterations below:

The first try…

Cleaned up foreground with much better faces…

Cleaned up the lines some…

Added some garish base colors just because I felt like it…

And now some added values, mostly to capture the strong sunlight coming in from the left….to be continued!

Figure Studies

I apologize for the missed update from last week, but I have two posts today to make up for it!

Some figure studies below…

5 minute studies:

10 minute studies:

20 minute studies:

Just a Quick Update

I won’t bore anybody today with my fundamental studies…however I did do a little sketching for the Artstation Character Journey Contest, just to figure out how my characters might look.  Check them out!

Boy iterations and Tommy the unhappy Chimp…see earlier posts to see what the heck this is even about!