Xenogears Designs and More Clothing Studies

Here are some designs I had come up with for my Xenogears reboot/updated game.  This is, in order, Fei Fong Wong, Lacan, and Kim Kasim, some of the different reincarnations of Abel, aka the Contact from the current day, 500 years ago, and 4000 years ago, respectively.  I tried to base the Fei design the most on the original character from the 1998 game, giving him (a less outrageous version of) the same hairstyle and the same color scheme.  Based on some developer interviews from the time, they meant to change his outfit from the martial arts uniform and it felt out of place, so I gave him a more simple, modern outfit.  Also in those same interviews, they mentioned that Lacan was supposed to have a different outfit altogether, so I gave him a slightly different but still recognizable hairstyle and more historically East Asian clothing.

Fei, Fei behind, Lacan, and Kim

From left to right: Fei, Fei behind, Lacan, and Kim

Below are some more clothing sketches and studies, some were to help me with Kim’s clothing and others are my way of absorbing ideas for Elly’s Gebler/Solaris military uniform.

8 26 16 3

8 26 16 2

8 26 16

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