About Me

[Flashback] I was always the kid in my own creative world, filling sheet after sheet of paper with drawings of animals, video game characters and environments (how awesome were those Mega Man games?), along with made up characters of my own. The other kids would crowd around as I drew, begging for artwork of their own, and I would happily grant their requests.  As I got older I constantly drew inspiration from video games and films in my illustrations, always attracted to epic settings and stories with interesting characters fighting against impossible odds and unbeatable enemies and creatures.  I always figured I would be doing something with my drawing skills when I “grew up” [end flashback sequence].

Fast forward to the present day.  Since my days of drawing video games in class I attended and graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in architecture and gone on to do work as both architect and a graphic designer.  While I enjoyed both careers, neither was truly what I want to be doing for a living, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, only that I wanted (needed) to do something with my artistic skills and creativity.  Then it occurred to me that all of the beautiful and sometimes scary characters, beasts, aliens, and worlds that made up the epic games and films that I loved so much were designed and created by artists!  From that moment of realization on, I have reawakened that kid in me who just wanted to create amazing art for video games and I have dedicated myself to mastering my craft.  This blog was created to track my progress…

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