Here’s another long-awaited update…once again I’ve been super busy for awhile working on the final round of the Artstation/ILM challenge (yes I made it to the final round) and now I await the judgement of the ILM masters.  Not a lot of free time to create on my own or to sleep for that matter, so that would explain the lack of updates…

Anyway, I’m back baby! below are some more studies I’ve done to get back in the swing of things.  Hopefully I’ll be back next week with more personal stuff!

A b/w study from the Revenant

A b/w study from the Revenant…intense!  I’m still working on painting quickly without lines and using values only…

Fashion studies...still working on painting clothing

Some fashion studies…still working on painting clothing without lines as well…also building my visual library by studying some fashion design

Clothing Sketches 4

Continuing in the fashion design studies, here are some sketches I did throughout the week.

Clothing Sketches 1 Clothing Sketches 2 Clothing Sketches 3

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